The Artist Sonny Mosser

  • Borne in Klagenfurt, grew up on mountain Dobratsch
  • Already her father and grandfather were artistic and their work arouse Sonny Mosser´s interest in painting and designing during her childhood.
  • She attended different academies like Schloss Goldegg, various painting workshops organised by well known artists like Mag. Konrad Planegger and Alfred Almbauer.
  • 1999 first experiences in abstract paining with freelance artist Mathias Baumgartner Masu.
  • Different workshops in London, Paris, America Far East , Bali and Africa formed the style of her paintings.
  • At present Sonny Mosser lives in Villach and Mallnitz.



Mrs. Mosser Kneschaurek, managed the house from 1928 – 1978, she made many goblins over many years.
Lovers with Amor ca. 4m²