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You can find a big exhibition of photographs
and leaflets of Hotel Mosser and Villach.

Hotel and Dependance Mosser

1748 1748 Balthasar Mosser – gingerbread production; the ancient apprenticeship certificate is displayed at the Hotel

Hotel Mosser Villach
Founder of the hotel
with his sons

Hotel Mosser Villach Villaco
Sales promotion 1940

Hotel Mosser Villach

Hotel Mosser Villach
The Hotel 1945 - destroyed

Hotel Mosser Villach
Guestfrequency 1945

The hotel in former times

Hotel Mosser VIllach
Hotel Mosser´s Terrace

1758 the first guests came to the gingerbread production, inn and blacksmith shop named “Äußere Vorstadt”
1786 take over of the inn and blacksmith shop by Johann Josefus Mosser.
1820 take over of the inn by the son, Johann, more rooms are built.
1889 take over by Valentin Christian – former name “Goldener Adler” (Golden Eagle)
Additional guestrooms are built, stables for stagecoaches, gingerbread production, wax manufacturer. The postillions of Bleilberg and Arriach stop over and accommodate their horses in the hotel backyard.
His wife Pauline, nee Taferner, donates the City of Villach the quarter between Hans Gasserplatz and Westbahnhof.
1897 takeover by the brothers Johann Ferdinand (Hans) and Valentin.
1900 extension to the guesthouse “Goldener Adler” by the brothers Johann Ferdinand (Hans) and Valentin.
1903 extension of the Hotel and expansion of the house to Kaigasse. Construction of the terrace overlooking the river Drau. (Drauterresse)
1908 till
Construction of the dependance – new name “Hotel Mosser” – big expectations regarding the opening of the Tauernautobahn. (the Park Hotel was built at the same time)
The expectations were not accomplished, the transit with direct trains began.
1928 take over by Herbert and his cousin Gerald.
1944 Gerald dies in the war, Herbert comes back hurt from the front line and comes across a destroyed hotel which looks like a ruin. The hotel, dependance and the adjoining buildings are totally destroyed by bombs, it is not possible to use one of 150 rooms.
1950 reconstruction of the hotel and renovation of the dependance with E.R.P. credit.
1962 take over by Herbert jun., he becomes manager of the Café, the restaurant and terrace.
1968 take over by Hans, he becomes manager of the Café, the restaurant and the terrace.
1974 division of the property: the daughters of Gerald, Ingrid and Ulrike obtain the dependance with the surrounding grounds. Herbert keeps the hotel in Bahnhofstreet.
1978 take over of the hotel area with the adjoining buildings by the brothers Hans and Valentin. 30 years after the reconstruction of the buildings it is time again to renovate.
Hans und Valentin renovate the buildings, the hotel rooms are improved, comfort rooms with bathrooms are built.
1998 assigns the hotel to his brother Valentin, who hands the management over to his daughter Tina. With the age of 23 years, she takes over the hotel in 8th generation (without interruption). After graduating at Hotelmanagementschool Villach, Tina makes her work experiences in different areas (service, reception, kitchen, skiing instructor) at home and abroad. Her last position was in Gastein at the Health- and Tourism management.
1999 construction of the elevator and renovation of the existing rooms
2002 extension of the attic floor (3rd floor) 14 double rooms superior and 1 suite are built
2003 extension of the winter garden

Since the opening of the inn 250 years ago the companies have been managed by the Mosser family without interruption for 8 generations.